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* geb. 1949 in Berlin * 1967-1971 Physikstudium an der Humboldt-Universität Berlin * 1975 Diplom in München * 1976 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am MPI für Astrophysik in Garching * 1977-1978 Redakteur beim Elektronik Journal München * 1979-1988 Aufbau eines Bauhandwerkbetriebes in München * 1989-1990 Songwriter/Sänger in San Diego (USA) * 1991-heute eigenfinanzierte Forschungsarbeit in Berlin

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  1. schotti sagt:

    What an interesting discussion…die Sie betrifft…

    EU is too big … as former USSR

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    Gesendet: Mittwoch, 09. Mai 2012 um 18:12 Uhr
    Von: "Rainer Schottlaender"
    An: J….
    Betreff: Aw: Re: Good morning, D….

    I know why my saying is better than Lou Reeds:

    In life the interest does matter – not the truth.

    Whatever TRUTH is…
    Politically I am more an "isolationist".
    USA, Russia and China and EU are big enough.
    It seems that EU is too big.
    Why export a political idea ?
    If its a good one – people come from alone…
    Look on India after WWII.
    Gandhi has made the new nation without much violence.
    But against his willing a few years later there was the unsolvable conflict between Hindi and Moslems
    which ripped the country in 3 parts.

    And why we have still so many weapons ?

    If I look on the many conflicts I have had in my thrilling live I often think its good to have a weapon.
    Although I had none in San Diego.
    I just dont know.
    But I know that music helps me often.
    F.i. in the moment.
    I have hard to struggle for my great idea KEYHOLE-EXPERIMENT without success.
    I remember the bad http://www.brc.gov experience … how my NASA-proposal was stolen/ignored…
    But dont worry:
    I am really good in handling frustrations.

    Gesendet: Mittwoch, 09. Mai 2012 um 17:49 Uhr
    Von: J….
    An: "Rainer Schottlaender"
    Betreff: Good morning, D…


    Lou Reed said Rock and Roll was "Three chords and the truth."

    I like your saying

    A hit just needs THREE CHORDS AND A PICTURE


    You have to keep after that royalty stuff.
    Since you left, my friends and I have made quite a few dollars…

    …..private communication…..

    I'm glad you are well and active and as crazy (like a fox) as ever, Rainer.
    The best of luck with your music and experiments and love life and everything.



  2. schotti sagt:


    … what a great song

    … thank you John

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