I ask you for one hour of your full attention for this press information

MILLIONENJAHRESICHER , weltweit neu und technisch machbar
ist die Endlagerung jedes einzelnen radioaktiven Atoms und jedes einzelnen Atommüll-Fasses aus Asse, Gorleben, Yucca Mountain oder sonstwo


Dear Mr. President Barack Obama:

As directed by your Memorandum
for the Secretary of Energy dated January 29, 2010
you will get soon
from the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future
– www.brc.gov – this recommendation:


"The United States should proceed expeditiously to develop one or more permanent deep geological facilities for the safe disposal of high-level nuclear waste. Permanent disposal is needed under all reasonably foreseeable scenarios. Geologic disposal in a mined repository is the most promising and technically accepted option available for safely isolating high-level nuclear wastes for very long periods of time…"

… if you ignore the earthquake risk

… if you ignore the groundwater risk

… if you ignore that in case of a volcanic eruption this radioactive waste could enter biosphere.

… if you ignore the same foreseeable national and international political stress as in Gorleben and Yucca Mountain


You, Mr. President and The People of the United States

should not follow BRC´s SECOND BEST advise.


My idea to dispose Nation`s nuclear waste

NOT some km deep in a "mined repository"

BUT some hundred km deep in the earth magma

is feasible and


contact/more info/comments through https://www.schottie.de/?p=1736

PI Nr. 8 of x …first published on www.schottie.de June 26, 2011


Please support this press campaign

Please forward this EMail / link https://www.schottie.de/?p=2671 to all journalists you know




There where you are right now

the continental drift has a max speed of 10 cm/year
= 100 kilometers in 1 million years.

Vice versa:

If a barrel of radioactive waste is buried 100 km deep in the earth magma
it needs about 1 mio years to reach the lower side of the earth's crust.

It is not utopic to bury USA´s and world`s millions of barrels rad-waste
100 km deep in the earth magma.

To do this challenging job it is "only" necessary to reach the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohorovi%C4%8Di%C4%87_discontinuity

Because a density-8-barrel rad-waste sinks under its own weight in the density-3-magma down towards geocenter like a stone in water.

There are many options where and how to reach the Moho.

Please study my about 50 EMails published by www.brc.gov click library click comments March 2010, June, July, …Dec, Jan 2011, …June 2011.

Please act and contact me

With best regards
Rainer Schottlaender, Dipl.-Phys.

You can find on www.brc.gov a DRAFT DISPOSAL REPORT


I agree with BRC´s arguments in these 4 points.

I also agree that Finlands mined repository is a good solution for some ten years.

I hope some of the some hundred receipients of this EMail
will ask BRC, Lee Hamilton, Tim Frazier, John Kotek and Mary Woollen,
Secretary Dr. Steven Chu and DOE :

Why you do not mention with one single word

Schottlaender´s idea/workplan to dispose Nation`s nuclear waste

NOT some km deep in a "mined repository"

BUT some hundred km deep in the earth magma ?

Über schotti

* geb. 1949 in Berlin * 1967-1971 Physikstudium an der Humboldt-Universität Berlin * 1975 Diplom in München * 1976 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am MPI für Astrophysik in Garching * 1977-1978 Redakteur beim Elektronik Journal München * 1979-1988 Aufbau eines Bauhandwerkbetriebes in München * 1989-1990 Songwriter/Sänger in San Diego (USA) * 1991-heute eigenfinanzierte Forschungsarbeit in Berlin

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