Atommüll-Endlager gefunden

Stellen Sie sich bitte vor Sie halten in Ihrer rechten Hand keine Bierflasche sondern ein Stück zersägtes abgebranntes Brennelement aus einem Atomkraftwerk in Ihrer Nachbarschaft.

Wohin damit ?

Stellen Sie sich jetzt im Gedankenexperiment vor, dieses schwere Metallstück würde sich 100 Kilometer tief genau unter Ihren Füssen im Erdmagma befinden.

Kommt es dann je wieder hoch ?

Ich vermute: Ja, aber erst in einer Million Jahren.

Durch das aufsteigende Magma, dass mit diesem "Tempo" die antreibt.

In Ihrem Stück Brennelement befindet sich der komplette Isotopenmix der Kettenreaktion von U235.

Was passiert mit einer kleinen Blase des radioaktiven Edelgasisotops Krypton-81 ?

Ich vermute: Sie löst sich nach wenigen Metern im umgebenden Gesteinsbrei auf – wie Zucker im Kaffee – und braucht ebenfalls eine Million Jahre.

Bis Unterkante Erdrinde.

Damit ist sie noch lange nicht in der Biosphäre.

Meine Lösung ist besser als jedes Endlager in der festen Erdrinde, zB Asse, Gorleben, Yucca Moutain etc.

Null komma Null Risiko für Grundwasser, Erdbeben, Klimawandel, Terror.

Über das Vulkanismusrisiko und das Ihnen im Moment unverständliche RUNAWAY RISK einer PROVOCATED ERUPTION reden wir vielleicht später.

Warum neudeutsch ?

Weil ich gezwungen war mit meinen Ideen zu emigrieren…


Wie transportiere ich ordentlich und sicher  100.000 Fässer, Gorlebens Castorbehälter und den Tschernobyl-Sarkophag (einige) hundert Kilometer tief ins Magma ?

Das ist eine lange spannende Geschichte, die am Tag meiner entscheidenden Idee am 2.11.2008 begann …

Google  Übersetzer

Nuclear waste repository found

Do you have imagination?

Imagine you are holding in your right hand, no beer bottle but a piece of Cut sawn spent fuel element from the nuclear power plant in your neighborhood.

Where to put it?

Now imagine the thought experiment before, this heavy piece of metal is 100 km would be located right under your feet deep in Erdmagma.

If it comes back up ever?

My guess: Yes, but only in a million years.

By the ascending magma that drives with the "pace" the / wiki / continental drift.

In your piece of the fuel assembly is complete Isotopenmix the chain reaction of U235.

What happens to a small gas bubble of the radioactive noble gas krypton-81?

My guess: It dissolves within a few meters in the surrounding Gesteinsbrei on – like sugar in coffee – and also needs a million years

Bie bottom crust.

Thus, it is still not in the biosphere.

My solution is a million years and certainly better than any repository in the solid earth's crust, such as aces, Gorleben, Yucca Mountain, etc.

How to properly and safely ship 100,000 barrels of aces, Gorleben Castor container and the Chernobyl sarcophagus there?

That is a long interesting history that began on the day of my main idea on 11.02.2008 …

…wie man sieht kann GOOGLE das Datum noch nicht übersetzen.

Do you know this Mr. Google ?

Über schotti

* geb. 1949 in Berlin * 1967-1971 Physikstudium an der Humboldt-Universität Berlin * 1975 Diplom in München * 1976 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am MPI für Astrophysik in Garching * 1977-1978 Redakteur beim Elektronik Journal München * 1979-1988 Aufbau eines Bauhandwerkbetriebes in München * 1989-1990 Songwriter/Sänger in San Diego (USA) * 1991-heute eigenfinanzierte Forschungsarbeit in Berlin

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  1. schotti sagt:


    President Barack Obama has asked BRC and DOE to find a solution of the nuclear waste problem accepted from the people of the USA.

    Studying your website this morning I learn that you have published Brian O´Connell´s EMail dated 03/09 and Andrew Kadak´s EMail dated 03/08.

    I do not see my EMail dated 03/07.

    Now I have 5 questions:

    1. Why you do not publish my EMail Gesendet: 07.03.2011 20:30:13
    An: ""

    2. Why you do not answer my questions ?

    Here they are again:

    In big letters and easy words:

    Will you publish in your draft report in detail the/my idea


    Will you publish in your draft report the/my idea

    Will you publish in your draft report
    the/my idea KEYHOLE-EXPERIMENT ?

  2. schotti sagt:


    Tim Frazier:

    A few minutes before I have got your EMail I have sent five EMails thru different channels to Barack Obama hoping that your will hear from him soon.

    It happened exactly what I have feared:

    With not one single word you have mentioned my project.

    Just in one nearby sentence you wrote: "… or in magma chambers."

    4 words – which show that you have ignored my work
    and not evaluated my proposal seriously.

    I do not propose to dispose Nations nuclear waste in a "magma chamber"
    where might be the risk of a future eruption.

    I do not repeat here my proposal which I have sent you often enough.


    "Every day, President Obama reads ten letters from the public
    in order to stay in tune with America's issues and concerns….."

    Please read this one first, Mr. President:

    I have solved the problem for which you have established one year ago.

    You are looking for a solution – accepted from the people of USA –
    how to dispose Nation´s and world´s nuclear waste.

    I work on this/my great new idea since Nov 2, 2008.

    Long before you and Dr. Chu have called Lee Hamilton and the other 14 BRC members.

    Although it is against US law – which is in Dr. Steven Chu´s responsibility –
    has started to block my EMails
    and to ignore my questions.

    I really wonder, because after publishing of about 40 always innovative EMails, some calls from John Kotek, some Mails from Mary Woollen and some normal telefone conversations with…

    Timothy A. Frazier, Designated Federal Officer

    U.S. Department of Energy
    1000 Independence Avenue, SW.
    Washington, DC 20585
    Phone: (202) 586–4243
    Fax: (202) 586–0544

    …there was no reason for me to complain, except that they all react a little bit too arrogant.

    I don´t speculate about possible reasons.

    I just go new ways:

    This one:

    PLEASE start to communicate with me – in your own national interest.

    PLEASE have TODAY an research/energy expert in your staff to send me an EMail.

    Best regards from 12587 Berlin/Germany

    Rainer Schottlaender, Dipl.-Phys.

    Von: BRC
    Gesendet: 30.03.2011 17:07:01
    An: BRC
    Betreff: "What We've Heard" Report Available for Comment

    Good Morning,

    As you are aware, the Commission is charged with submitting a draft report to the Secretary of Energy by July 29, 2011. As a first step toward meeting that deadline, the Commission directed the staff to prepare a report summarizing the key themes the Commission has heard up to this point in the process. The "What We've Heard" report does not attempt to recount every comment or opinion submitted to the Commission thus far; rather, the aim is to summarize major themes from the extensive testimony and public comment the Commission has received to date. Of course, the fact that the Commission has heard certain perspectives from witness does not in any way mean the Commission's recommendations will or will not adopt the points of view presented in the report.

    By publishing this staff report, the Commission desires to provide individuals and organizations who have given us input an opportunity to confirm that their key messages have been heard or to highlight something that may have been missed, and to give those who are following the work of the Commission, but who have not yet provided input, an opportunity to raise issues they believe the Commission should consider as it prepares its report.

    The Commission will use this report and comments received to help guide its examination of options as it develops a draft set of recommendations for the Secretary. Please note that this report summarizes the major themes the Commission has heard thus far; therefore the treatment of issues in the Commission's draft and final reports might be expanded or refined in light of future testimony, public comment and site visits.

    The report is available at

    Please send any comments that you may have to

    Thank you,
    Timothy A. Frazier
    Designated Federal Officer
    Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future
    U.S. Department of Energy Washington, DC

    Office: 202-586-4243

  3. schotti sagt:

    am 5.April hier veröffentlicht:

    Von: "Rainer Schottlaender"
    Gesendet: 03.04.2011 16:23:45
    Betreff: Look into the 22nd Century

    If you google "peak oil" you find………. Ungefähr/about 3.170.000 Ergebnisse/hits

    I google "peak U-235" and find only……Ungefähr/about…………97 Ergebnisse/hits

    These numbers prove that not many people think about this question.

    I think it makes sense to advise you, BRC and DOE to look deeper into this.

    The best overview in your language you find here:

    Even today we should ask: If we build today a new civil power plant
    …… how much we have to pay in 40 years for U-235 ?

    I have sent you some foregoing EMails concerning Th-232/U-233-breeding
    because world`s thorium resources are a few hundred times bigger than those of U-235.


    More urgent :

    I hope that you will publish

    my idea/project to dispose Nation´s nuclear waste deep in the earth magma,
    the/my idea of the KEYHOLE-Experiment
    and my workplan

    in detail
    and on place 1

    of your draft report.

    Where it belongs.


    The Keyhole-Experiment

    Atommüll-Endlager gefunden

    Nuclear waste repository found

    on in the sub-blog CO2/energy and in the sub-blog science/Wissenschaft

    this is for publishing on

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